St. Louis Rock Hobby Club Vendors

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Roy Hurlburt Roy Hurlburt Minerals

Roy Hurlburt is a familiar face as a vendor St. Louis area mineral and gem shows. He offers for sale a huge selection of mineral and fossil specimens in various sizes, silver and natural stone jewelry, and beaded bracelets. He is the current President of the Greater St. Louis Rock Hobby Club and is also a member of St. Louis Mineral and Gem club.

John Macke

John has worked with rocks and minerals for over 50 years. He trained as a Geologist at St Louis University and received his Masters Degree in Geology from Washington University in 1969. Currently he is an Adjunct Instructor in Geology at St Louis Community College at Meramec.

John's specialty is minerals and crystals. He believes that everyone should know about the Material the Earth is made of and how to use it. He is very good at hand specimen identification and teaches youngsters at the St Louis Mineral & Gem Club sight identification and mineral properties. He has participated in over 200 mineral shows and likes to answer questions for the public.

His booth, The  Crystal Corner,has something for Everyone; Books on minerals, trays of small minerals for kids, a very wide variety of small mineral samples for collectors as well as some higher priced specimens and a few fossils.

Even if you have never been to a mineral show, John encourages you to come and see the beautiful specimens from the Earth; and he reminds you that a show will give you an appreciation of the wonders of our world.

 He is a member of The St. Louis Mineral & Gem Society and this picture shows John as he teaches the young "Pebble Pups" about the wonders of the earth. He is also a member of the St. Louis Rock Hobby Club.